Waive the Insurance Deductible for your Windshield Replacement

You may have seen ads for glass replacements that say that your deductible can be waived, and you thought ‘How is that possible?’ Most of those offers are real and possible. These are the 3 most common cases which make possible for a car glass repair shot to waive your deductible on the windshield replacement:

  1. Windshield replacement covered by collision insurance
  2. Windshield replacement covered by comprehensive car insurance and
  3. Windshield replacement is done in a ‘zero-deductible’ state

First of all, we must answer the question ‘What is a deductible?’ Let’s say that you were in an accident and the total expenses to fix the damage are $6000. The deductible is actually the amount that you as the car owner will have to pay from your own pocket since car insurance will only cover a bulk of the repairs. So if your insurance is covering $5000 for the repairs, your deductible will be $1000.

Deductibles generally range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, which makes offers of waiving your deductibles extremely attractive.

Windshield replacement covered by collision insurance

If your car was in a car accident that was caused by another driver, the damage to your windshield should be covered by collision insurance. So if another driver is found at fault for the accident, the repairs of damages to your car should be fully covered by that driver’s insurance. This includes the deductibles too.

Windshield replacement covered by comprehensive insurance

If you have a comprehensive policy, you are more likely to have auto glass repairs and replacements covered. This type of policy includes break-ins, natural disasters, falling objects, vandalism, and hail damage. If your windshield has a crack or chip caused by something other than a car accident, comprehensive coverage may waive the deductible. It’s best to check your policy and see if a windshield replacement will charge a deductible or not.

Windshield replacement Arizona vs in ‘zero-deductible’ states

Currently, there are only three states that require insurance companies to waive the deductible for windshield replacement: Massachusetts, Florida and South Carolina. These are considered as Zero-Deductible states, so under comprehensive policies, deductibles for auto glass replacements are waived automatically. However, in Arizona, you can either purchase a separate auto glass endorsement or waiver when purchasing auto insurance. With one of these two options, you don’t have to pay your full deductible during windshield replacement.

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