Top Maintenance Tips For A New Windshield

If you have just recently installed a new windshield, the first step towards protecting your investment is knowing how to take care of it. If you want your windshield to stay in mint condition and last for long, below are a few maintenance tips you can follow after installation.

• Do Not Drive Your Car Immediately
During the replacement of a windshield, technicians usually use adhesive to create a waterproof seal around the glass and hold it in place. It is imperative that you give this adhesive sealant enough time to bond and dry. After the installation of a new windshield, we recommend that you wait for at least an hour to allow this process to complete. The technicians working on your car will no doubt remind you of this on replacing your windshield.

Though the technicians working on your vehicle will be careful to ensure that there are no leftover shards of glass from your old windscreen left in the interior of your car, you can never be too careful. The first time that you enter your car after the windshield has been replaced, check to see whether there are broken shards lying inside the car.

For the first two days after installing your windshield, there are certain important precautions that you should take. During the first 48 hours after installation, you should:

• Keep the Interior and Exterior Around the Windshield Clear
While the adhesive around the windshield is drying, you should ensure that there is no material that pressures the seal or sticks to it. To ensure that the sea dies properly, avoid placing any type of cover on the exterior of your car. You should also avoid using a sunshade on the interior and keep your dashboard clutter-free.

• Leave a Window Open
You should remember that air pressure can put extra pressure on the seal around the windshield as it dries causing it to crack. To ensure that there is no excess air pressure that can cause leaks, you should leave one windows rolled down on the first day after windshield installation.

• Do Not Remove the Retention Tape Around the Adhesive Seal
To hold the molding of the seal in place as it dries, technicians usually use a retention tape. Though this may have a negative impact on the aesthetics of the car, it is best to leave it in place for at least two days after installation so that the seal dries properly and firmly in place.

• Avoid Exposing Your Windshield to a Power Wash or Car Wash
To ensure that your windshield molding dries properly without cracking, you should avoid taking your car to a car wash or washing the windscreen with a power washer. If you have to wash your windscreen within the first two days, it is best that you wash it regularly using your hands.

• Treat Your Windscreen Gently and With Care
As the adhesive around the windscreen dries, you should avoid putting unnecessary stress on it. For example, instead of slamming the car doors, it is best that you close them gently. Additionally, you can avoid putting a strain on the adhesive by avoiding bumpy roads with a lot of potholes.

A professional auto glass repair shop can give you the best after install care instructions. For more information contact a Auto Glass Express Scottsdale in your area.

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