It’s time! You can no longer avoid windshield replacement

Depending on the damage your windshield has suffered, you might be able to fix and repair it. However, if the damage is extensive, a windshield repair might not be the best option, or the safest. Windshield replacement isn’t something that every car owner wants. In fact, many will try to avoid it as long as possible. But since having an intact windshield that’s in tip top shape is primarily for your own safety, it’s best to act promptly. But when is it time for a windshield replacement? Well, here are some telltale signs.

Pitting on your windshield

Pitting on your windshield usually occurs when smaller objects collide with the windshield and cause tiny chips on the surface. These types of small object are usually found on construction zones so if your daily commute takes you through such places, either driver slower and increase the distance between you and the car in front of you.

Since pitting causes smaller cracks on your windshield, those small cracks can cause refractions of light and can seriously compromise your view of the road. In addition, when the windshield is cracked, it takes more time for the water to roll of the glass and this also reduces visibility.

Even though pitting on your windshield can look like a minor issue, but it can cause major problems. So the best way to take care of it is to do a windshield replacement

Cloudy windshield

We all know that windshields are made from two thing pieces of glass and that there’s a thin plastic material, called PVB that lies between the glass. This thin layer of plastic actually prevents the windshield from shattering inwards and even if it does shatter, it will break into smaller circular pieces rather than into big sharp chunks that can seriously hurt you.

We all know that every part of our car wears and tears over time. So it’s no surprise that the thin layer of plastic starts to detach from the glass over the years. This represents as a hazy white appearance in the corners of your windshield.

On its own, this seem harmless. But keep in mind that the sole purpose of that layer of plastic is to keep the glass from shattering into big pieces. If that layer of plastic is detached from the glass, you are putting yourself and your passengers at risk of injuries if you get into an accident.

Unfortunately, a hazy windshield cannot be repair so you will need a windshield replacement.

Bad visibility

No matter what type of chip or crack you have on your windshield or whether the windshield is intact but it’s starting to get hazy, all this can seriously compromise your visibility of the open road.

In some minor cracks and chips, repair is possible. But you might still notice some slight distortion which is a result of the resin injection. Keep in mind, and we can’t emphasize this enough, anything that is interfering with your visibility puts you and your passengers in danger. So if you notice a chip, crack or haziness, best to stop by at Auto Glass Express in Scottsdale and let our technicians take a look. We can precisely determine whether the damage can be repaired or you need windshield replacement.

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