Fix the chip on your windshield immediately

Let’s be honest. We’ve all noticed tiny chips on our windshields and thought that it’s no big deal. Well it’s not for the time being but it can quickly turn into a big problem if you don’t act fast enough.

This is because smaller chips can spread easily under the wrong circumstances. And once the crack spreads far enough and becomes long enough it can no longer be repaired.  So then you can only replace the windshield.

How windshield cracks grow?

Due to the structure and design of your windshield, forces of wind and other physical stress is spread evenly. Chips create weak points on the windshield which can quickly become a crack. The same process happens to cracks, and they start growing. This process, if you don’t act promptly, will cause the crack to spread across your entire windshield and eventually shatter.

How to stop windshield cracks from spreading?

One of the most recommended way to stop windshield cracks from spreading is through repairs. Windshield repairs can restore the windshields structural integrity, it can handle the stress as before and it can improve the visibility.

Repairing small windshield chips

As mentioned before, windshield chips should be repaired as soon as possible before they grow too big. The maximum size when a chip or crack can be repaired is the size of a one-dollar bill. If your chip is longer than that, you will need to have your windshield replaced.

Windshield chips too big for replacement

When a windshield chip is too big to be repaired, you need to have the windshield replaced.  Through replacements your new windshield will once again have the necessary integrity and will be able to withstand the environmental stress. Naturally, replacements are bit more expensive than repairs. But after the crack has grown too big, there’s no way a simple repair will be able to restore the windshield. On the other hand, with a brand new windshield, you will have even more clearer view of the road.

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