3 reasons why the windshield repair didn’t work

Let’s assume that you’re driving on the motorway, tailgating another vehicle and suddenly you hear a crack. You disregard it as something not important and you keep on driving. But when you arrive back home and you get out of your car, you noticed a tiny chip on your windshield.

Being aware that small chips can turn into a serious windshield crack, you make an appointment with your auto glass repair shop to have the chip fixed. Naturally, every responsible car owner would do the same.

The windshield chip repair is done and you go to pick up your car. However, the windshield looks the same as the day you left it at the repair shop and it looks like the windshield repair didn’t work. But why? Well there can be a number of reasons and it’s highly unlikely that it’s your fault.


Weather can influence the quality of a windshield repair job, especially if the repair is done by a mobile technician. When the technician repairs your windshield, he injects a special resin into the chip and then applies pressure via vacuum so that the resin can equally spread and fill out the entire damaged area. This stops the chip form growing bigger. If the resin is able to cure to the surrounding area, the repair will be a success. However, if the repair is done in poor weather like snow, heavy fog or rain, the resin won’t be able to dry and cure properly and the repair won’t stick.

Dirty glass

Before attempting any auto glass repairs, it’s important that the windshield is thoroughly cleaned. This the #1 rule of the trade! However, sometimes, the technicians fail to clean the windshield properly and dust or debris is left on the damaged area. This way, the resin won’t be able to fill in 100% the entire chip / crack, it won’t cure properly and once again…the repair will fail.

Type of damage

Keep in mind that not all windshield damage can be fixed with a simple resin injection. Some damage is so complex that there’s no point in fixing it. It’s best to get a new windshield. For example, if the chip has more than one crack extending from the center, so it looks like a bullseye, the repairs can be very complex and might not even work.

So when you notice a chip on your windshield make sure that you first take to your auto glass repair shop to see if it can be fixed. It’s not worth spending money on it if you can’t tell that it will work. In those cases, it’s best to simply replace the windshield altogether.

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